Tuna and Pasta for 2 in Six Easy Steps

Wednesday 24th October 2012

Food of Champions. (Tuna and Pasta for 2 in Six Easy Steps)

What you’ll need;


1-2 tins of tuna in spring water
1x400g chopped tomatoes
1 small red onion
1 fresh red chilli
Small bunch of basil
1 level teaspoon of ground cinnamon
200g rigatoni (300g if making athlete portions!)
1 lemon
30g of parmesan
Olive oil
salt & pepper


Peel & finely slice the onion, deesed and finely slice up the chilli. Once thats done tear off the top of the basil leaves, put them to one side for later and chop up the stalks.


Put a medium sized frying pan on the hob and heat up on a medium to low temp, fill up your kettle and bring to boil for the pasta. Once the kettle has boiled, pour water half way up into a large pan and lightly salt along with a drizzle of oil. Add pasta and cook to the instructions.


Splash of oil into the pan, add basil stalks, chilli and onion and fry for 5 mins gently until softened.


Once the onion / chilli mix has had its 5 mins, add the cinnamon and give a good stir with a pinch of salt and pepper. Then add the tinned tomatoes and tuna. Turn up the heat, give it a good stir and let it simmer for a few mins until it thickens slightly. Once its thickend turn off the heat.


The pasta should now be perfectly done having had 8-10 mins, drain in a colander but retain half a cup or so of the salty water to add back in later. Tip the pasta into the pan of sauce and give it all a good mix.


Taste and season with a good pinch of salt and pepper. Half the lemon and squeeze in the juice (minding the pips!) grate the parmesan and add half to the mixture saving the rest to sprinkle on later. Another good mix and then serve up, add the basil leaves on top and away you go! Enjoy!


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