Rimmer keeps calm to carry on

Saturday 10th August 2013
Michael Rimmer

Michael Rimmer qualified with a time of 1:45.47 in the 800m heats this morning at the World Championships in Moscow.

‘It was brutal, for a heat that was tough. There was always the possibility that was the way it would be. I talked with my coach beforehand and he said there was a good possibility I’d be last to 200m, and I pretty much was, it was a bit of a shock. I think previous championships have taught me not to panic too much.’ Said Michael Rimmer who looked in good shape on the track.

‘You don’t get many kicks in 800m running, you’ve only got one, so it’s about holding that and waiting to use that, so it played into my hands really.’

‘I got into a naughty position and I could hear my coach screaming in my ear; I just had to stay calm and I just had to wait for the gap. When it came and I saw it I just went for it.’

‘It’s difficult in the 800m because you have to stay calm and be aggressive at the same time.’

Michael will now run in the semi final on Sunday night at 4.43pm for a spot in the 800m final. The middle distance runner will run in heat two alongside tough competition in Mohammed Aman and Frenchman Pierre-Ambroise Bosse.


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