More than an athlete


Athletes live a strict lifestyle but food is one thing we don’t have to hold back on. People have this perception that athletes live on salads and fruit, which isn’t really the case. The more calories the better for a runner like me.

However, it’s so important that I take in the right kind of calories and diet is an area I definitely have an advantage on over my competitors.

I regularly research nutrition and how I can get the most out of what I am eating. I love cooking and coming up with new recipes. Simple but fresh ingredients are the best for an athlete constantly in need of fast nutritious food.

I hope you will benefit from some of my diet tips and feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter if you have any questions about your own nutrition.

Check out the latest recipes here.


In my position, I have a great opportunity to inspire and influence. I have done a lot of work in schools, mainly through the Wells Sports Foundation’s Athletes 4 Schools scheme, and get a real buzz from having an impact on young people. Back when I was young, the reason I got into athletics was because I was energetic and competitive.

If any schools are interested in me visiting their school, please feel free to put in a request by emailing: [email protected].

It wasn’t uncommon for me to finish a game of footy and head straight to a cross country race, which sustained my enjoyment as there was no pressure just a desire to get stuck in. My approach is to demonstrate the many benefits of sport in a similar setting, making it fun and engaging for all levels.

You can read about some of my work in schools here.

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